MediaVision is a media relations and strategic communications consultancy anchored by years of journalistic and public relations experience.

Established in 2002 and based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, the consultancy has a South and Southern African media reach, positioned as a strategic partner in the overall marketing strategy of a business.

Our focus is to provide strategic and targeted editorial publicity to clients with expert skills pertaining to the print news media, online news, broadcast news – television and radio – and social media.

We firmly believe that that consumers, investors and the community at large should get to know a business, the personalities behind it, what the business stand for, how business is conducted and its successes and that they should keep on hearing and seeing it on a regular basis.

We are strongly results driven and have a strong competitive edge in experience, media skills and knowledge. This is supplemented with an approach that good media coverage builds a good reputation, and that a good reputation is worth more than gold.

At MediaVision it is about effective timing, quality and packaging of information to the media and are considered the key to successful media programmes.